Congratulations FIRST Team 3863!

"The competition has passed, we fought hard and had a good time. While we might not have gotten into the semi-finals, we have a robot to be proud of and a team that I am grateful to be a part of. Now this year we hope to keep this team together even now, after the competition is over. For Newbury Park High School, our spring break is this week, so take it easy for now and catch up on your sleep. We plan to have future meetings in regards to the entire FIRST Team, and even our traditional party in celebration of our efforts. I will send out an e-mail with more information when it becomes available. Good job team, can't wait to work with you again."
=Sam Rice, Team Captain for FIRST Team 3863

Club Advisor: Michael Weingarden, email:, phone: 805-498-3676 x1302

Meet the Team! A Youtube MiniSeries


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Rebound Rumble! Game Animation:

Or, you can download it at NASA TV FIRST Kickoff Web Cast