Pantherbotics is interested in reaching out to the community and educating people on STEM! Here are a few examples of our attempts to encourage STEM in the community!

NPHS at the Halloween Science Carnival 2015

Young zombe tries strap on waldo to control robotic arm. NPHS engineer gives instruction on operating competition

NPHS boot at the 2015 AUVSI Symposium at CSUCI. Student operating the Ventua Bomb Squad Robot

Robotics and Things, Inc. Demonstration at Sequoia (#/#/13):


Flyer Article
The team will discuss their experience including the project management process as well as technical details of the robot they developed. Critical design issues were; the mechanical design and its relation to the physics of basketball; the electrical system including power management and a distributed control system; control and driver interface; a vision system providing real time video as well as image processing and data extraction for targeting.